User driven design for optimal performance.

We know that user experience is about more than just design.  We uncover opportunities to delight your customers and grow your business by understanding what users want and build interfaces designed to drive business ahead.

User Experience

It’s your brand expression. It’s a competitive differentiator. The best design shapes a user experience that’s flexible, easy to grasp, fun to use, and oriented to conversion.



Creative Studio

User research. Wireframes. Usability testing. We leverage real data to identify overlooked customer needs and opportunities for differentiation. At Amplifi, we offer full creative agency services, or we can provide supplemental support for your internal team or agency partner.


Amazon has set the bar high, and if you want to cross-sell effectively, you have no choice but to compete. In the end, you want to create a virtual “personal shopper” that knows past purchase patterns, observes browsing behavior, and shares highly relevant product suggestions, because we understand that merely demographics isn’t enough.

User Experience (UX) Strategy

How, when and where should you engage your customers? The answer to these and many other questions will shape and inform a dynamic user experience model.

Our User Experience (UX) Strategy Services provide a tailored framework to define and design an approach that will create compelling, intuitive experiences that resonate with your customers. It’s time to own the relationship.

User Research & Testing

Understanding your customers is the core of our design strategy. Our research experts begin with your primary research and supplement with heuristic evaluations, ethnographic studies, usability tests and more to build a model of your customers.

We leverage real data to identify underserved needs and target opportunities for differentiation. Let us show you the opportunities that many overlook.


The best interaction designs deliver a user experience that is adaptive, usable and conversion-optimized.  We combine our eCommerce expertise with our extensive design experience to provide supplemental support for your team or agency partner, or deliver the full design services of an industry-leading creative agency.

It’s more than just a look, it’s a business differentiator. It’s more than just a feel, it’s your brand.