The Foundation for Everything You Do.

You’re drowning in data but starved for information that’s complete, consistent, and true. Until you treat information as an essential enterprise asset, its value will continue to elude you, and its absence will hobble your growth. Although architecture and analytics play a role, it’s more about culture and behavior than technology.

Master Data Management

This back-end technology is the conductor, orchestrating data collection, syndication, and linkage to other master data domains across various data sources and applications. It also enables information governance, metadata management, and multiplatform support.



Product Information Management

As both consumers and business buyers conduct more of their pre-purchase research online, system-of-record catalog data and associated product content are essential for manufacturers, retailers, CPG brand marketers, and distributors.



Digital Asset Management

In a visual world, most products need images, videos, and other supporting documents and relevant metadata. A DAM system stores these variously structured items and makes them accessible to PIM, search, marketplace, and other systems.