Park Place
March 30, 2017
October 1, 2013


To accommodate a changing and dynamic customer base, Quiksilver needed an Ecommerce approach that would provide geo-detection, product sequencing, and the ability to create personalized “looks” to appeal to distinct customer groups and profiles. Amplifi partnered with Quiksilver to complete the implementation initiated by their previous service provider.

Because the Oracle Commerce platform provides a sophisticated feature set, it requires both technical expertise and strategic planning to create an artful implementation. Coupled with a move off of their former GSI Commerce platform, Amplifi architected a solution that included migration to a new hosting provider and an Oracle ATG Commerce implementation as the first phase of Quiksilver’s new Ecommerce platform.Approach

After transferring the site to the new hosting provider, Quiksilver’s international expansion was architected so that the solution would allow for unhindered growth. SEO-friendly URLs were implemented across the site, and available personalization features were applied to customize content for discrete customer groups. Finally, because GSI fulfillment and order management were still the preferred services, integrations were built to allow the systems to work together seamlessly.


With improved stability and SEO friendly URLs, the site garnered 4x it’s previous sales volume during promotional launches. Additionally, because of optimized personalization features and customizations to the business control center, the merchandisers were able to localize content and align the merchandise experience to the brand and business objectives.

Services Rendered

  • Oracle Commerce Implementation

  • Technical Architectural Planning

  • Platform Customizations

Added Features

  •  SEO Friendly URLs

  • Outfit Merchandising

  • Custom Merchandising Tools