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Empowering diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within Amplifi requires our continuous commitment. It’s not only a range of policies or processes needed to empower DEI, but a cultural understanding that is embedded throughout the whole business.

We want to be consciously inclusive with all our decisions at Amplifi, so the DEI strategy that our committee are working towards, is paramount to achieving that.

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We're a people business.

We always have been.

Our people are our biggest asset, and as we continue to grow, diversity, equity and inclusion will remain top of the agenda for our People & Culture team and DEI Committee. To have a diverse team, we know we need our working environment and culture to be inclusive, which means making sure everyone feels welcome, involved, valued, respected, treated fairly, and embedded in our culture, as well as an understanding of what different individuals need to have access to equitable opportunities.


How is Amplifi championing DEI?

🤸 Flexibility

Since we were founded, Amplifi has operated through an inclusive lens; allowing employees to work wherever and however suits them - unintentionally, leading the way in terms of flexible working and inclusivity. It enables people to focus on their lives outside work and work in an environment that suits them. By allowing everyone to work flexibly, it means that people who need it, won’t have to justify their reasons for it.

📣 Let’s Discuss

One way we support and encourage people to share their personal stories is through an initiative ‘Lets’ Discuss’ where employees can share their experiences with the team to allow conversation and discussion on topics that are important to them. So far, our team have shared topics such as: being diagnosed neurodivergent in their 30s, Menopause, ADHD, which have all resulted in open and honest discussion, and helped people to work together better.

📅 Culture Calendar

A key DEI objective of ours, is to work together to build an inclusive culture. We want to make every person in Amplifi feel like they can bring their authentic self to work, and be accepted for who they are. One way celebrate our diversity is through our Culture Calendar that encourages active participation by the wider company in celebrations, education and awareness raising around different cultures, beliefs, and individualities.

🌍 DEI Committee

At Amplifi, we know how important it is to focus on enabling DEI in all aspects of our business, and to ensure that we stay accountable and are constantly striving to do better. We have a committee made up of volunteers who are passionate about DEI and creating an overall more inclusive and accepting culture here at Amplifi. You can read more about our committee members below!

📚 DEI Training for all staff

We have written and provided internal DEI training for all employees to complete when they join Amplifi. We also provide extra training for managers at our annual Manager's Away Day, and regularly spread awareness and education to the wider team.

🌞 Interview policies and general accommodations

We recognise that interview processes can be stressful, overcomplicated, and drawn out, so we have tried to simplify how we bring people into our team. We want to provide a welcoming space for people to discuss their skills and experience, whether that's over Teams or in-person.

Our DEI Committee

We have a DEI Committee who work towards empowering diversity, equity and inclusion across Amplifi. We are a working group made up of individuals across the business who feel passionately about supporting and implementing our DEI strategy. We want to be consciously inclusive with all of our decisions at Amplifi, so the DEI strategy that the committee are working towards, is paramount to achieving that.

DEI committee2
DEI committee2

The gender gap

Would it shock you if you heard that only 22% of the data industry is made up of women? Or that women only hold 12% of all executive positions in the industry?

Amplifi Europe is made up of a gender split 23% female, 77% male (May ‘23). We know this is not good enough.

Harnham's most recent UK diversity research found that in the last year the percentage of female professionals in Data & Analytics has dropped from 30% to 28%. Female representation in specifically ‘data & technology’ sits at 20%, which saw no increase in 2021.

From these statistics, lots of observations, trying to recruit diverse talent into Amplifi, and speaking to women within the industry, we feel that the gender gap within the data industry is stagnating, and it’s clear that more needs to be done to drill down into the cause of the gender disparity.

Our Talent Manager, Naomi Cruden, has written an article discussing the challenges that women face in the sector and how Amplifi are trying to overcome them, you can read it below.

Read Tackling the gender divide at its roots


Amplifi is made up of a diverse range of people, so we want to recognise and celebrate the individual differences among us.

We have created an environment where people can be open and honest about their unique neurodiversity, and have done so by launching a ‘Neurodiversity Network’ for those who are neurodivergent to connect with one another.

We also have an internal DEI Committee who meets monthly to spearhead initiatives, implement change, and provide education to the wider team.

We have also created a forum for people to share their personal stories and how being neurodivergent affects them, with topics such as ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia being published so far.

We also conduct Inclusive interviewing, asking candidates whether they are happy to interview face-to-face, or whether they would find an alternative platform easier.

Read more about our understanding of Neurodiversity at Amplifi, below.

Read the importance of acknowledging Neurodiversity
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We want to acknowledge and empower all forms of diversity in our team and give equal opportunities to everyone. This begins in the recruitment process and should be considered throughout a person’s time in the company. We are always listening and learning so that we can ensure everyone can be their true selves at work and access the support they need.

In Naomi's article on accessibility in the workplace, she discusses how flexibility enables everyone to access work, no matter what their individual circumstance may be, and why it is an integral part of the culture at Amplifi.

Read Accessibility in the workplace article

We know we have work to do...

We know that we have a gender imbalance in our team. We know different ethnic groups are under-represented in our team. We know we have policies in our handbook that need to be evolved to make Amplifi more inclusive.

Our Head of People & Culture, Dan Malins, wrote an article on Amplifi’s dedication to improving diversity and inclusion across all variants. In a survey at the time, 100% of the team agreed that everyone at Amplifi is treated fairly, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or any other differences… but that doesn’t mean that we’re finished working on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Read Dan's full article
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