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We aren’t like the other guys.


We understand the importance of the role of master data in successful digital transformation projects because we have worked with some of the largest brands in retail, manufacturing, and distribution for more than a decade.

Over that time, we provided strategy and implementation consulting for digital and customer experience, managed services, insights and other specialized services required for omnichannel commerce.  You might say we know commerce inside and out – B2B and B2C – because we do.  We have been there. Done that.

But, with every project we embarked on, one thing became increasingly clear: the old adage of “garbage in, garbage out” really is true. Every digital initiative is only as successful as the underlying master data supporting it. When a retailer can display consistent, high-quality information about the products it sells on every channel, sales go up. When manufacturers are able to easily and accurately syndicate data to retailers, products get to the market faster. When a distributor can quickly onboard a new supplier and provide opportunities to collaborate on the supplier’s catalog, satisfaction, and trust increases.

We get it. That’s why information management is all we do now.  We are the Data First consultancy.

To Rely On

Every business relies on accurate, up-to-date enterprise data. Our 360º perspective and years of relevant work means that you gain access to thoughtful, real-world guidance throughout the engagement.

End-To-End Skills

Some firms do better with ideas than substance, while others lack vision or
thought leadership. We are different because we combine big-picture strategy with robust, results-first implementation.

A Value-Oriented

We know how frustrating it is to spend big, gain little, and start over. At Amplifi, we work in small, incremental steps so that you rapidly see value and build confidence in the direction you’ve chosen.

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