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There’s an old saying in data: rubbish in, rubbish out. Good data quality is core to the success of any data initiative.

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Data Quality Services

Many of those ready to embark on an organisational transformation don’t have the good quality data to support it. Without clean, consistent and accessible information, you will lack the solid foundation that allows businesses to rely on data-led insights. At Amplifi, we work with you to achieve good quality data, so you can have confidence when using your data in all aspects of your business.

What are Data Quality services?

Good data is a necessity for any business that sees growth in their future. With strong data that is clean, consistent, accessible, reliable and in the right format, you can navigate and react to propel your business towards your vision.

Inaccurate or outdated data leaves a business open to risk from the consequences of badly informed decisions. Our data quality services ensure your data is fit for purpose.

Having good Data Quality ensures there are no duplicate entries, no missing fields, no invalid terminology and no corrupted or inaccessible data. In other words, once an Amplifi data quality project is complete, you’ll be left with trustworthy, reliable and accurate data. By leveraging our data quality services, we can help you identify what data your business really needs to get the outcomes you want.

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5 Tips for Better Data Quality

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Need help getting started with a Data Quality strategy, or ramping up what you're already doing? These practical, easy-to-implement tips from Arun Chandar, our VP Data Management, will give you what you need to ensure your data is high quality…

Benefits of Employing Data Quality Services

Our consultants will tailor the approach to your business goals. We can then help you to create the processes and protocols you need to maintain quality and consistency across the board, the benefits to these include:

  • Strengthen your digital transformation
  • Learn what data you need to achieve your goals
  • Have confidence that all of your data is consistent, clean and usable
  • Identify processes and procedures to maintain data quality
  • Get better, more accurate outcomes from your data
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Why do you need Data Quality Services?

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Trusted decision making

With high quality data, you can rest easy knowing the decisions you make will be based on reliable, truthful data and have confidence in its contribution to your business growth.

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Increased productivity

High quality data comes with an increase in time efficiency. You can spend less time on correcting mistakes or searching for the correct information and more time will be spent actually using the data.

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Reduced risk

Poor quality data can result in fines for not adhering to laws. Ensuring your data is fit for purpose and can be trusted, reduces the risks and potential costs to the business.

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Ready to kick-start your data quality with a practical, action-led solution?

Improve your data quality strategy with Amplifi’s data quality approach. Get in touch with our experts. Alternatively, discover our full selection of data management services.

Why choose Amplifi as your data consultancy?

Amplifi is the go-to data consultancy for Enterprise organizations that want their success to be driven by data. We empower our customers to innovate, grow and succeed by establishing and delivering strategies across all elements of the data value chain. From the governance and management of data through to analytics and automation, our integrated approach to modern data ecosystems delivers measurable results through a combination of expert consultancy and best-in-breed technology.

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