Looking for help weaving AI into your data strategy?

Amplifi has a three pronged approach to AI and data to ensure we're offering a clear roadmap of how AI can bring value to your organization.

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AI is shaping the future of data

Gartner’s 2024 Chief Data & Analytics Officer survey found that 53% of respondents surveyed have already deployed GenAI or committed to pilot it in the next six months. It's clear that AI is here to stay and has the potential to revolutionize our industry.

However, no AI initiative can succeed without high quality, well managed and closely governed data.

Amplifi has a three-pronged approach to AI to ensure we're empowering organisations to deploy successful AI solutions that deliver real value.

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How to effectively implement AI in your organization

Mike Evans, Chief Innovation Officer at Amplifi explores how businesses are leveraging AI to overcome data challenges and drive innovation

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Amplifi's approach to AI



Make Amplifi better at delivery

We utilise AI technologies to ensure the efficient delivery of data solutions, using techniques such as data model discovery and business rule discovery. High quality, governed data is the bedrock upon which AI success is built, and AI can help us establish that bedrock too. Our approach is designed to accelerate your journey to AI readiness, ensuring swift, efficient delivery of data solutions.



Deliver better client solutions

We aim to enhance your existing data solutions (e.g. Master Data Management, Data Integration, Analytics) with AI, improving their efficiency and effectiveness on targeted use cases. Our goal is to deliver solutions which enhance productivity for our clients and help ensure an ongoing high quality data foundation. This, in turn, helps unlock future value from AI.



Deliver innovative client solutions

We design and implement tailored AI solutions to address specific client use cases and, in doing so, embed scalable architectures that are both ready for the present and geared to unlock value from future AI initiatives. Each solution is crafted with a focus on driving ROI.

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