Metadata management

Metadata management is the data about your data

Metadata Management provides you with the processes, tools and frameworks necessary to understand the context of your data. Realise the true quality and value of your data by understanding where it comes from, why it exists and how relevant it is.

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What is Metadata Management?

Metadata is data that describes other data – it holds the answers to questions such as ‘who collected this?’, ‘what is its purpose?' and 'where did it come from?'. Using best practice metadata management frameworks and specialist technologies, we are able to gather and store the answers to these questions. The collected information helps you to understand the quality of your data and those all-important data relationships.

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Metadata Management 101

How can metadata help you realise the true quality and value of your data?

Understand the value of your data

To truly understand the value of your data, you need to have knowledge of its background and how it integrates with other data. For example, on first look, data collected last year might appear to be more reliable than data over 5 years old. However, who owns the data, why it was collected, and the security level all have a bearing on how valuable it is. Metadata provides the answers to these contextual questions.

Through metadata management, you will have one centralised piece of technology that stores this knowledge. It will be organised in a simple and accessible way so you can fully harness your data’s value.

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Download our Metadata Management guide

Download our guide, 4 Top Tips to Better Metadata Management, written by David Neil, Consulting Director at Amplifi. In this guide he explains how you can realise value from knowing the data about your data.

Benefits of Metadata Management

As data culture continues to boom, metadata management has become increasingly important. Companies are both generating and consuming data in huge quantities. Consequently, understanding the context of data has become vital for data governance and general management.

Other benefits include:

Improved data quality – improve your understanding of data quality issues by having access to contextual issues
Improved data governance – highlight key data elements that help prioritise tasks for effective data governance
Improved master data management – onboard further data sources to simplify master data management models
Improved data integration – through automation, clear up your data to make it simple to combine and understand
Improved data privacy – see protection status, access, proliferation and risk exposure of sensitive data clearly laid out and easily manageable
Improved business understanding of data - centralised glossaries and lineage reports means people speak the same data language
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Why do you need metadata management?

Metadata management does more for your company than improve other data management techniques. It is essential when looking to streamline your data collection and storage methods.

  • Improved consistency – management in one central place allows for consistency across all data. All personnel necessary will have access to the same records.
  • Improved efficiency – centralised metadata means less time spent on assessing the reliability and value of your data to make decisions.

Improve your data governance strategy with Amplifi’s metadata management approach. Get in touch with our experts, or, alternatively, discover our full selection of data management services.

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