Supporting Uniphar’s ambitious growth with better data governance

Automated data governance and improved master data management is aiding Uniphar’s already successful growth-by-acquisition strategy

Uniphar plc is an international diversified healthcare service organisation based in Ireland who are focused on delivering vital medicines and healthcare services to those who need it most.

The rapid growth of Uniphar has been fuelled in-part by an ambitious acquisition strategy that has seen them acquire multiple businesses across Europe. That growth has resulted in multiple sources of data for different data domains as well as various manual processes for entering data into ERP systems.

In addition, one of Uniphar’s key business divisions is the distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices to both their own and other retail pharmacies.

Combining the proliferation of data sources through multiple acquisitions, a major upgrade of their Enterprise ERP and the strategic expansion of their distribution centre has given Uniphar cause to focus on improving data management in their supply chain and eventually scale across the Enterprise in a phased manner.

How Amplifi is supporting Uniphar’s ambitions for better data

Amplifi were engaged by Uniphar to improve and automate data governance within their current ERP instance whilst supporting their ERP upgrade through the lens of master data management.

We have worked closely with Uniphar’s project team to ensure phase one of the multi-year process – mastering vendor data – provides a solid foundation for future phases of the initiative to include additional domains such as product data, customer data and finance data.

This has included the design and delivery of Semarchy’s unified data management platform with both xDM for data management and xDI for ETL integration.

The objective is to improve the governance and quality control of supply chain data, remove manual processes and provide validation of data for key gate keepers in a newly architected approval workflow and the initial results show encouraging signs of success.

“Amplifi have been able to provide the expertise and experience we needed in order to design and implement Semarchy’s unified data platform” said Niall Humphreys, Project Manager at Uniphar. “Their team have worked closely with us as a trusted partner at every step of the project thus far and will continue to do so as we approach further phases of the project.”

What’s next?

As Uniphar continue to scale better management and governance of data across their Enterprise and across additional domains, Amplifi will continue to work alongside their team to deliver successful implementations at every stage of the journey.

About Amplifi

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About Uniphar

Uniphar plc are a trusted global partner to pharma and medtech manufacturers, working to improve patient access to medicines in Europe and around the world. They provide outsourced and specialised services to their clients. Uniphar is growing by leveraging the strong relationships they have with 200+ of the world’s best known pharmaco-medical manufacturers across multiple geographies, enabled by their cutting-edge digital technology and highly expert teams.