Master Data Management for Industry

Master Data Management (MDM) is a key component for success in today’s industry landscape.

MDM consolidates all your data flows into a 'single version of the truth', enabling clear oversight of current and future business needs. If you have multiple teams in different departments working in separate premises, customer and product data can become duplicated, inconsistent and redundant. This poor data can affect the launch of new products, multi-channel branding and messaging, data analysis to spot future growth areas and much more.

The determining factor in an organisation's fortune is now increasingly dependent upon how they process and utilise their data - which is where Master Data Management comes into play.

The Evolution of MDM for Industry

Contrary to some guides you might read, Master Data Management isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around in some form for the past 20 years or so. What has changed dramatically, however, is how MDM providers are able to use today’s technology to package and simplify MDM services for industry in a way that can be learnt and utilised in your company, rather than having to be reliant on an outside source.

Data flowing through your business should result in better business performance, not headaches.


At its core, Master Data Management consists of 5 functions:

  • Content - definitions, item names and attributes
  • Relationships - data groupings, hierarchies and rules
  • Access - sharing policies, provision of access to data, compliance and security

  • Change Management - data measurement and quality, error amendments and centralised change control.
  • Processing - workflow integration and create, read, update and delete processing, amongst other functions.

These pieces can work exclusively of one another, but it’s good to know what the options are for your business. Some clients come to us wanting the full MDM service, while others need to address a piece in the puzzle to make their data better for business performance.

Individuals in an organisation can define groups differently which affects the consistency of your data, for example. Amplifi solutions address Master Data Management with a holistic approach: if one component is operating well, the others must be there to support in order for industry data to be synchronised across a business.

Industries We Serve

We know that each client industry has its own set of regulations and practices. The beauty of MDM solutions, however, is that they can be utilised by any industry and business size. Amplifi believe in becoming fully immersed in every organisation to ensure both content and data work together in harmony.

We have specialised expertise across industries, with vast experience in successful implementation of MDM across a diverse range of businesses and sectors. With every industry having specific standards and regulations, market considerations and unique paths to purchase, we pride ourselves on our immersive approach to every client, developing an instinctive understanding of their operations, culture and market landscape, so to create a synergetic relationship and deliver incomparable results.

Explore the industry sections below to see how our Master Data Management service is able to facilitate growth and empower your business to success.