Amplifi: Connecting people and data

The best way to achieve your data vision? Bring people and data together.  

Imagine an electrical circuit. You’ve got all the elements there – the lightbulb, the switch, the battery. Connect all these things together and the lightbulb goes on.

It’s just science. When everything’s joined up and connected, electricity flows through and you get the outcome you want.

If your company doesn’t have a data governance strategy in place, it’s a bit like breaking the circuit. Your people and your data aren’t connected, and you end up with poor-quality data scattered all over the place. There’s no quality control for your data, which means you can’t accurately track important info, comply with regulations, or make business decisions.

To achieve your data vision, you need the right people, processes and technology in place. That’s where Amplifi comes in – with more resources at our disposal and a wider network of vendors than ever before, we’re able to give you the best advice and support to help make your data journey a success.

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We work with our clients to understand your business vision and objectives, allowing us to create a data strategy that compliments your goals.

What is your data vision?

Is it increasing sales? Improving engagement? Boosting efficiency? Whatever it is, you need data. Not just any data – but clean, accurate and consistent data that’s accessible to those who need it most.

Easy for us to say – we work with data all the time. But for businesses doing their best to juggle any number of daily challenges, reformatting your data can be a daunting prospect. When siloes, poor-quality data and bad practices are embedded in your company, it can be hard to pull up the roots and start again.

As Amplifi, we bring people and data together and create a data-first culture at your company. Because when everyone is speaking the same data language, that’s when you can achieve your data vision.

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Helping people achieve their data vision

As Amplifi, we’re helping more people than ever before to achieve their data vision. Rather than wrapping you up in jargon, we speak to you about what data means to them in real business terms.

Just look at our work with Musgrave, Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale company. They needed to rapidly increase their number of products and distribution channels, but they soon realised that they wouldn’t be able to keep track of this product data with the system they had in place.

We chatted to senior executives across the business to really get to the root of their requirements, identify the outcomes they wanted to achieve and make their investment worthwhile. The result? A bespoke request for services that we sent out to vendors, so they could get the right PIM solution to match their requirements.

Amplifi connects people and data

When you’ve built a data framework, connected your people with data and established a top-down, data-driven culture, that’s when you’ll be able to amplify your business by

  • Improving efficiency
  • Exploring digital innovations, from eCommerce initiatives to personalisation
  • Improving decision-making
  • Making it easier to comply with regulations

Amplifi knows a lot about data – and we mean a lot. But data alone doesn’t make for a successful business. It’s people that face the day-to-day struggles. It’s people who will make the decisions that ultimately build efficiency at your company.

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We’re able to take your business where you want it to be, and give an unbiased, objective view on how you can use data to get there. Because we’re impartial experts, we’ll give you the tools and data governance framework you need to unlock your business benefit, whether that’s a new digital transformation initiative, improving efficiency, reducing costs, or providing accurate product information.

Want to connect your people with data? Get in touch with Amplifi today, or read our guides to implementing data governance and improving data quality here.

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  • Who to bring along on your data quality journey and how to get them on board
  • How you can make data quality a fun part of people's work with gamification
  • Why it's important to design the right data quality lifecycle to make it part of your day-to-day routine
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