Case Study | Jackson Family Wines and Amplifi Craft a Recipe for Data Governance Success

Find out how reliable, accessible information plays a key role for one of California's most prestigious wine producers

Delivering the passion behind the brand

The Jackson family's passion for wine is infectious. They also bring a commitment to family, community, and sustainability that truly sets them apart.

"We want to make sure that our vineyards are in better shape when we leave them to our future generations than they were when we got them," said Barbara Banke, Chairman and Proprietor, Jackson Family Wines. "So, what you find in every glass or bottle of wine is the hard work, the artistry, and the caring of the people that made it."

Delivering that vision depends more and more on good data. Reliable, accessible information plays a role in every aspect of the company's winemaking — from land ownership and farming to production, transportation, and distribution. Yet finding the right approach proved challenging for a company that spans 40 wineries across multiple regions and countries.

According to Steve Yob, SVP of Information Technology for Jackson Family Wines, "Spending less effort chasing down data issues and more time analyzing product and business opportunities is ultimately where we want to spend our valuable time."

A perfect pairing

Jackson Family Wines attempted to address their data challenges several times over the years. But without a right-sized approach, the projects struggled to gain traction.

Realizing the critical role of people and processes, they prioritized further maturing their data governance strategy. That's when Amplifi caught their eye.

They were drawn to Amplifi's ability to identify opportunities to streamline processes and provide recommendations for improving data trust and visibility. They felt confident that Amplifi could build upon what's already working — and make recommendations for how to solve their data problems over time.

"Our experience shows that bringing together the entire organization — aligned with the right strategy and processes — is really where a data governance program thrives," said Bobby Warnick, President North America at Amplifi.

"We were incredibly excited to work with the amazing team at Jackson Family Wines, from both the business and technical side, to develop a strategy and path forward, including how they can transform their current data infrastructure into an asset for the future."

How Amplifi created their data-driven solution

To help Jackson Family Wines accomplish their goals, Amplifi launched a Data Governance Assessment and strategy engagement. The consultants jumped in to review the current state and gather details about their end-to-end operations.

“We were blown away by the attention to detail that goes into their winemaking process,” remarked John.

“We knew there were great opportunities to improve their data visibility throughout the enterprise, giving them greater insights into data relationships across product, location, customer, and beyond.”

Through the engagement, Amplifi provided recommendations to Jackson Family Wines to help them:

  • Free data from silos
  • Create a plan for quick wins and long-term success
  • Establish consistency in data quality processes and reporting
  • Gain better data insights across the enterprise

Now, armed with tangible actions and a strategy for the future, Jackson Family Wines has the foundation it needs to take the next steps on their data journey.