Data Governance, Amplified: Giving your data a new voice

As Amplifi, we’re going to be shouting louder than ever before about data governance and how it can transform your business.

What do the most famous public speakers in history have in common? A few things spring to mind:

  • They rally people behind a cause.
  • They speak to people in a language they can understand.
  • They are amplified –by their platform, by their experience, the cameras they are speaking in front of and the microphones they are speaking into.

Just like a great public speaker, we’re making data governance more accessible and more understandable for businesses. As Amplifi, we’re expanding our data governance services so that we can help even more businesses unlock the power of high-quality, clean and consistent data.

In other words, we’re amplifying our data governance (see what we did there?).

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What data governance means to us

Data governance is about building a framework of principles that dictate how your businesses collects, stores and uses data. It’s the glue holding your business together.

Without data governance, your data can easily become scattered, unclear, and inconsistent, meaning you can’t use it to make business decisions. It can end up siloed all over the place, making collaboration impossible. If everyone’s using different numbers, facts and figures, how can they all plan to reach the same goal?

With data governance, you have everyone singing off the same hymn-sheet, working to meet a shared data vision. Once you have that data, your business will enjoy better data quality, more efficiency, faster decision-masking, lower costs... the list goes on and on. (In fact, you can find even more benefits of data governance here).

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Data governance is about people

We believe data is all about rallying people behind a cause – and to do that, you need to find out what cause are they getting behind.

Your cause could be several things: making it easier to update product information, improving customer experience, avoiding risk, keeping in line with regulations, reducing costs or increasing efficiency.

Reaching that cause could require different avenues, depending on your data governance framework. For a hotelier, it could be creating a single source of data for food and beverage data, so that they no longer have to manually update menus every time a supplier changes. For a manufacturer, it could be installing PIM so that product information can be easily updated across marketing channels.

Whatever the cause, Amplifi aims to rally people behind it. How? By talking to businesses about what data governance can do for them in real, easy-to-understand terms.

Making data governance accessible

What’s always made Amplifi unique is two things: our ability to make data accessible. And the fact that we are, and always will be, massive data enthusiasts.

When we think about data, we don’t see giant unwieldy spreadsheets full of numbers. We see potential – an opportunity for businesses to use their data to create transformational change. Also, we once wrote a blog about how poor data governance brought down the empire in Star Wars. Enthusiasts...or nerds? You decide.

We want to show businesses that data governance doesn’t have to be a big scary thing – a bunch of audits, a long, arduous and time-consuming process and a load of jargon that’s difficult to translate into actual meaningful returns for your business.

See our work to redefine data governance for safety equipment provider Arco. We knew that going into a difficult digital transformation, they would need mentorship guidance and support to implement the right data governance framework – and that’s exactly what we gave them.

Once we knew what people at the business were trying to achieve and how data was holding them back, we put together a roadmap to success. The result? A data governance strategy that delivered measurable value to the business in the very first month.

How we’re amplifying our message

We’re still shouting about the importance of a strong data governance strategy. Now, under the Amplifi banner, we’ll be shouting even louder.

We’re going to be offering more services to more people, with more money, people, and time backing us – that means we can deliver the same great data governance, but with a much greater reach and a wider range of solutions.

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Our support services are going to be stronger than they’ve ever been before. We’ll never just suggest a fully bespoke data governance strategy and then let people fend for themselves. We offer continued guidance to help you adapt as your business grows, the market changes and data performance tools grow smarter.

In short, it’s the same old data governance – but better.

Looking to re-evaluate your data strategy, or want to find out how data governance could help your business? Download our guide ‘5 Tips for Better Data Governance’, or get in touch with us today.

What's in the guide?

Whether you're deep into a Data Governance initiative or you're just getting started, this guide from Arun Chandar, our VP Data Management, will give you 5 practical tips you can use to get value from your data, including:

  • How to focus on your people and processes, not just technology
  • Why starting small can often be better than trying to solve all your challenges at once
  • How communication and rewarding success can help achieve better Data Governance and data that can be trusted across your company
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