Guide: 4 tips for Metadata Management

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Understand the value of your data

To truly understand the value of your data, you need to have knowledge of where it came from, why it exists and how relevant it is.

Modern metadata management solutions, such as a data catalog, can help organisations improve their metadata management practices efficiently and effectively.

What's in the guide?

Need help getting started with a Metadata Management strategy, Data Cataloguing, or ramping up what you're already doing? These practical, easy-to-implement tips from David Neil, Consulting Director, will give you what you need to ensure your metadata is first class, by understanding:

  • What metadata you want to capture and why
  • How to have a strategic approach within a modern data ecosystem
  • How to put in place the people, processes and tooling that make metadata management a natural, operational part of your business
  • How to target relevant and digestible data for your business needs
  • Where you need to begin

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