Guide: How do you define your customer?

Amplifi Customer Data Guide 2023 Mockup

Customer data will always be relevant.

Collating and maintaining accurate, reliable data is crucial to understanding your customer, creating exciting and relevant data initiatives and supporting your business goals.

Once you’ve gathered the right data and defined your ‘golden record’, you open the door to a whole host of data-driven possibilities.

What's in the guide?

In this customer data guide we take you through the lifecycle of good customer data, from getting the information you need, to making the right data-led decisions for your business, including:

  • Who is your customer? What data makes up each individual that you are selling to?
  • What customer data do you need, and where can you get it?
  • What you can and should do with a golden record?
  • The importance of breaking down departmental silos

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