Download: The Data Value Chain Explained

Amplifi Data Value Chain Mockup 2

85% of organisations see data as one of their most valuable assets, but a lack of understanding is hampering their success.

To truly be strategic, businesses need to stop viewing data as a tool, and instead focus on the data value chain (DVC) and how you can use it to transform raw data, into tangible business value.

By adopting the DVC approach, you’ll be able to utilise the data available to work towards your business goals and needs.

In this infographic, we take you on the journey of a data value chain.

Just like currency, data has a value. The value increases as you move from the early adopter stages of the DVC to data maturity and beyond. This infographic covers that journey, including:

  • Climbing the summit: To reach the summit, there are a series of paths we talk you through
  • The challenges along the way: Shifting the focus of data as a tool and instead looking at its potential value
  • How to take action on the insights driven by data
  • Anatomy of a DVC: what exactly makes up the stages of a data value chain
  • Why the DVC is so important
  • Switching mindsets from the traditional approach
  • What the first step is...

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