Webinar: Better Data, Better World - The importance of a Data Strategy in ESG

ESG Webinar Recording Amplifi

Watch our ESG experts discuss the pivotal role data plays in ESG reporting, with our partners Stibo Systems and Pyramid Analytics.

We address important topics such as:

🌍 Why data strategy is vital to a successful ESG strategy

🌍 The importance of a data culture and internal behavioural change to ESG

🌍 How organisations can demonstrate an ROI on ESG data projects

Our speakers

  • Stuart Squires, SVP Strategy & Consulting at Amplifi - Stuart advises organisations on how their business objectives such as ESG reporting can be translated into data objectives to create a clear roadmap for delivery.
  • Matthew Cawsey, Product Marketing Lead at Stibo Systems - Matthew works closely with business and data leaders to define how STEP can address their business strategy - which ESG and sustainability are quickly becoming a key part of.
  • Calvin Fuss, Partner Success Manager at Pyramid Analytics - Pyramid helps their customers realise true value from their data and put processes in place that enable transformation at every level.

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