Webinar: Episode 4 | The role a Data Catalog plays in a Modern Data Ecosystem

It’s the fourth episode in our video series on Modern Data Ecosystems! If you missed the first episode 'Understanding Modern Data Ecosystems', you can catch up here, watch the second episode 'The role MDM plays in a Modern Data Ecosystem', here, or watch the third episode ‘The role Data Virtualization plays in a Modern Data Ecosystem’ here.

Mike Evans is joined by Jeff Mills, Partner Marketing Director at data.world to talk about the importance of a data catalog.

Ever wondered how experts seamlessly navigate the vast ocean of data? Their secret weapon: a data catalog. As Jeff Mills succinctly puts it, "A data catalog helps you figure out what your data is."

Consider this: The data that companies deal with is expansive. The sheer scope of data is bigger than any single individual. It's impossible for one person to keep track of every piece of data, its usage, and its criticality. Imagine being in the midst of a significant data project, only to realise that a piece of data you deemed insignificant and moved or altered was critical to an entire process. This is where the role of a data catalog becomes not just valuable, but essential.

That’s where the power of a data catalog shines, ensuring visibility, understanding, and most importantly, the value derived from the data.

Intrigued? Watch along as we unpack:

  • The vital role a Data Catalog plays in Modern Data Ecosystems
  • How data.world are approaching data catalog and metadata management
  • How different ends of the data value chain derive value from a data catalog

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  1. Your Vision and Approach
  2. Your Governance and Operations
  3. Your Core Data Platform
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