Case Study | Empowering QS by delivering a single view of higher education institutions

Amplifi and QS worked together to deliver a single view of the world’s leading higher education institutions to further enable students to fulfil their potential.

QS, the global higher education experts, are the world leader in higher education performance and insights thanks to their globally recognised QS World University Rankings and the QS International Student Survey.

QS works with both students and higher education institutions to empower motivated students across the globe to fulfil their potential. Firstly, they enable students to fully research institutions, apply for scholarships and attend relevant recruitment fairs. For institutions, QS provide consultancy that enables them to increase applications, better market themselves, improve efficiency and use in-depth market insight and analysis to aid strategy development.

Achieving a long-term goal

As part of their desire for continuous improvement, QS are undertaking an ambitious five-year transformation programme to evolve and improve their enterprise-wide capability to share and govern data.

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Their data-driven expertise is known and respected by both higher education leaders and prospective students which means trustworthy and consistent data is key to QS.

QS found that a key priority was to create a single platform to unlock the ‘golden nuggets of insight’ buried in their data so that they could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their experts when working with students and institutions.

Amplifi were selected to work with QS to undertake phase one of their transformation programme, which was to create a single view of institutions, including their departments, campuses, courses, ratings, rankings and products.

As part of a multi-vendor team, our team of consultants led a discovery programme to identify the key foundations required for QS to achieve their aims. With QS storing well over 10M student and university records, Amplifi established the need for a flexible, modern MDM solution and proposed Semarchy as the right technology for the task.

Amplifi then executed a 13-week, ‘quick start’ project featuring discovery workshops, a multi-sprint build-period, test and implementation, and significant effort to navigate a tricky technology integration process to deliver a golden record view of institutions – from project kick-off to the first value point was just a matter of weeks.

“Amplifi’s approach has enabled us to build a solid foundation for our continued transformation programme” said Nick Creagh, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at QS. “Being able to empower institutions and students by making our data even more valuable is key to our future success.”

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What’s next...

With the foundations laid, QS are now able to explore more domains to create even more trustworthy data on the world’s leading educational institutions and continue their 5-year transformation programme.

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