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Do you need a Data Capability Assessment?

Are you empowered to deliver value from your data at scale? Amplifi's Data Capability Assessment offers a definitive roadmap towards realising your strategic goals, fostering innovation and future-proofing your people, processes and technology by harnessing data more effectively.

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What are the benefits of a Data Capability Assessment?

Amplifi's Data Capability Assessment is designed to give you a clear picture of the ability your organisation has to use data to help achieve strategic objectives.

We assess both the strengths and areas for development in your people, processes and technology - all of which play a key role in your readiness to become fully data driven.

We offer both a lite and full Data Capability Assessment dependant on your requirements. Both are based on DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) which is developed and maintained via collaboration of EDM Council members such as Amplifi.

Data capability assessment

Data Capability Assessment (Lite)

- 38 questions and scoring

- 1 Hour Discovery Call

- High Level Benchmarking (2023)

- Data Action Report

- Recommended Next Actions

Request a lite Data Capability Assessment

Data Capability Assessment (Full)

- 100s of questions and scoring

- 2-6 week process

- Detailed Benchmarking (2023)

- Detailed Roadmap of Short & Long Term Initiatives

- Globally Recognised DCAM Framework

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How does Amplifi approach data strategy?

Why choose Amplifi as your data consultancy?

Amplifi is the go-to data consultancy for Enterprise organizations that want their success to be driven by data and a global DCAM® Authorised Partner. We empower our customers to innovate, grow and succeed by establishing and delivering strategies across all elements of the data value chain. From the governance and management of data through to analytics and automation, our integrated approach to modern data ecosystems delivers measurable results through a combination of expert consultancy and best-in-breed technology.

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