Webinar: Episode 2 | The role MDM plays in a Modern Data Ecosystem

Welcome back to the second episode in our video series on Modern Data Ecosystems. If you missed the first episode 'Understanding Modern Data Ecosystems', you can catch up here.

Whether you're a data scientist, an innovation officer, or just someone interested in how data shapes our world, you'll walk away with a clearer understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the current data landscape.

This time we're joined by Mike Evans, Chief Innovation Officer at Amplifi, and Jesper Grode, Director of Product Innovation at Stibo Systems, as they delve deep into the ever-evolving world of Master Data Management (MDM).

This insightful discussion covers a wide range of critical topics such as:

  • The role of MDM in modern data ecosystems and Stibo Systems' innovative approach
  • How multidomain MDM is crucial for sustainability programs like the Digital Product Passport.
  • Understanding the importance of MDM for robust and prompt engineering, especially when deploying Generative AI.

In addition, if you’ve seen Forrester’s recent statement that "data fabric is incomplete without Master Data Management”, and you’d like to understand why, then this episode aims to connect the dots.

So, whether you’re interested in data management, innovation, and sustainability, or just want to learn more about modern data ecosystems, click play below to arm yourself with knowledge that could redefine your opinion on MDM!

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So, you’ve decided that the next step in your data strategy is to modernise your ecosystem...

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What’s in the guide?

In this guide, we share practical advice on building a modern data ecosystem that’s right for your organisation. Starting with your vision for data and working all the way through to your data consumers, this guide will break down the anatomy of a modern data ecosystem and how to make it work for your enterprise. The three main sections we cover are:

  1. Your Vision and Approach
  2. Your Governance and Operations
  3. Your Core Data Platform
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