Our work with Morrisons

Morrisons is one of the four largest supermarket chains in the UK, operating over 490 retail stores and serving over nine million customers each week.


Morrisons set out on a journey to replace inefficient labour-intensive processes with a multi-functional solution that would cover all interaction with suppliers. This would provide the benefits of ensuring Groceries Supply Code Of Practice (GSCOP) compliance, reduction in costs and a single agreed repository of all supplier related information.


Amplifi implemented Stibo System’s STEP product enabling Morrisons colleagues to interact through the WebUI/Portal technology with our supplier base. At a summary level a solution provides the ability to interact with suppliers to enable an efficient workflow and a single agreed version of all documentation and communication between the two parties is recorded.


  • Morrisons experienced an improved way of working through decreasing unnecessary labour, whilst simultaneously increasing GSCOP compliance.