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Whatever your product data, PIM is a must

For any business involved in manufacturing, selling or distribution of products, product information management (PIM) is a must. In today’s digital world, effective PIM is vital to any business looking to use product content or data to enable omnichannel strategies, improve customer experience and enhance analytics.

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What is PIM?

Product information management is the process of centralising and organising your business’ product data. With PIM technology, and the help of Amplifi experts, you can achieve a single, dependable source of product data: also known as ‘a single version of the truth’. With PIM in place, you can be confident that your product data will be consistent wherever it is accessed, for a seamless omnichannel experience.

An effective PIM strategy needs more than just good product information management technology. Working with our experts will ensure a streamlined approach that not only focuses on the data for the products you manufacture, buy, sell or distribute, but also the wider role it plays in your business.

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PIM with Amplifi

We are an award-winning data management consultancy committed to working with organisations to unlock the value of your data. Our experts understand more than just the technology – they understand that effective PIM can benefit all areas of your business. This allows us to create a completely bespoke solution that takes all your business needs into account.

Our approach

Amplifi offer a PIM approach that looks at every step of the journey, to facilitate PIM initiatives that help you to achieve your business goals, not just an isolated data agenda. We have a wealth of experience advising clients in virtually every sector and work with a range of leading PIM technology vendors, including inriver, Precisely & Stibo Systems.

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Strategy & Advisory

Do you know what you're trying to achieve with your product data, and whether PIM is the right solution for your business? Is your data ready for product information management implementation?

Amplifi give vendor-neutral, practical, actionable advice at every stage of your PIM journey, from assessing the solution you need, to planning your strategy.

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Implementation & Integration

With so many options on the market, how do you know which PIM tool is best for your business and how can you effectively and seamlessly implement it?

Amplifi’s consultancy services put your commercial goals at the heart of the vendor selection process, enabling you to make an informed decision on your software.

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Managed Services & Support

Do you have a PIM solution, but need to keep it in line with evolving business objectives? Need to ensure the ongoing quality of your data and that your PIM is working to its full potential?

Amplifi offers a range of PIM support services to make sure your PIM solution stays relevant and useful to your business in its functionality and capability.

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5 Benefits of a PIM Solution

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Having a master source of product data is critical for managing product information within your business. The tips in this guide aim to show you the benefits of a PIM solution, how a business case can be built across departments and how effective PIM can be to add real, tangible value.

Who needs PIM?

The need for product information management is not limited to one section of a business, but applies across departments. Teams from manufacturing, purchasing and finance to supply chain, sales and marketing all depend on accurate and complete product data to operate. The challenges caused by separate data sources, data rekeying and duplication can quickly add up. A PIM solution can help to provide an accepted source of the truth for all.

Benefits of PIM

Implementing a PIM strategy will benefit all departments of your company - with a successful plan your business can reach new heights. Benefits of PIM include:

  • Increased revenue - your customers expect accurate and up to date product data. An effective PIM solution makes this easy, by centralising your product data, so you can offer the customer experience you need to build loyalty and drive revenue.
  • A single version of the truth – with all your staff on the same page in terms of product data, you will improve accuracy and efficiency.
  • Clear facts for compliance –from displaying product safety standards to allergen and nutrition labelling, compliance with regulations becomes simpler with a comprehensive PIM solution to manage your product data.
  • Increased productivity – centralised product data reduces the need for manual data tasks and fixes, freeing up your people’s time to focus on what really adds value to your business.
  • Speed to market the increased efficiency that comes with a PIM system in place will give you the competitive edge when it comes to getting products to market.
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How can Amplifi help?

Create your product information management strategy with Amplifi’s product information management approach. Get in touch with our experts on this form. Alternatively, discover our full selection of data management services.

Why choose Amplifi as your data consultancy?

Amplifi is the go-to data consultancy for Enterprise organizations that want their success to be driven by data. We empower our customers to innovate, grow and succeed by establishing and delivering strategies across all elements of the data value chain. From the governance and management of data through to analytics and automation, our integrated approach to modern data ecosystems delivers measurable results through a combination of expert consultancy and best-in-breed technology.

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