Why choose Amplifi as your Alteryx partner?

Combining Amplifi's data expertise with the leading software provided by Alteryx means we are able to deliver outstanding data preparation solutions for key initiatives such as data quality, data preparation and data migration.

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Data Preparation built for modern data ecosystems

As organisations continue to seek value from their data and embrace modern approaches such as Data Mesh, Data Fabric and Cloud Migration, it’s crucial that they have well prepared and high quality data.

Alteryx provide a set of leading data preparation tools that enable both Amplifi and our customers to apply logic and rules to data to ensure it is prepared, quality checked and cleansed ready for analytics and data science initiatives, as well as to support data migrations.

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Alteryx for Data Quality

The data preparation tools provided by Alteryx enable faster discovery and validation of data quality issues. By applying business rules that are specific to your organisation, Amplifi can build bespoke dashboards using both Alteryx and Power BI to easily confirm whether or not data conforms to a check and rapidly identify and resolve any issues.

You can also automate repetitive tasks and use AI/ML to call out any data quality enhancement recommendations.

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Alteryx for Data Migration

Migrating huge volumes of data can be a daunting task, especially when it is duplicated, unlabelled and unharmonised. Amplifi's expertise and experience with complex and large scale data migration projects has enabled us to harness the power of the data preparation tools provided by Alteryx to apply logic and rules to data before it gets migrated, validate and confirm the mapping pre-requisites and transform and load it into the new system.

The data prep tools provided by Alteryx help drastically reduce the manual effort required for data migrations and ensure accuracy.

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Why choose Amplifi as your data consultancy?

Amplifi is the go-to data consultancy for Enterprise organizations that want their success to be driven by data. We empower our customers to innovate, grow and succeed by establishing and delivering strategies across all elements of the data value chain. From the governance and management of data through to analytics and automation, our integrated approach to modern data ecosystems delivers measurable results through a combination of expert consultancy and best-in-breed technology.

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