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Are you moving towards a Modern Data Ecosystem?

Data ecosystems are always evolving. Adapting your infrastructure is essential to cope with accelerating demands on your data.

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What is a Modern Data Ecosystem?

The world of data is moving at a breakneck pace and the ways companies manage and use their data is continually evolving. These rapid developments have seen rise of Modern Data Ecosystems and new approaches to data management like Data Mesh and Data Fabric. If you are considering a modern approach to managing, governing and using you data you need to consider things like:

📣 What makes these new approaches valuable?
📣 What technology is key to a Modern Data Ecosystem?
📣 How can you make sure you’re set up for modern approaches?

Amplifi is well versed in helping companies assess their requirements and mapping out the best approach to meet them. If you're looking at a modern approach to data, contact our team and we'll be happy to help.

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Are you considering Data Mesh?

Data Mesh is a modern approach to data management architecture and organisation design which places ownership in the hands of domain experts, sharing a self-service platform​. But establishing and implementing a Data Mesh strategy isn't easy and involves both organisational change and must be backed up by a technology strategy focused on a modern data architecture. If you need help weighing up whether or not Data Mesh the right approach for your organisation, Amplifi can help.

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Are you considering Data Fabric?

Data Fabric is an architecture and design approach created to modernise the way organisations manage their data. It is an integrated layer within your data infrastructure that allows data to be discovered and utilised by both the people accessing it, and the applications connected to it. It delivers value by learning from the way that people interact with your organisation's data and creates an ecosystem that is intuitively adaptive to your organisation's data needs. If you need help understanding what Data Fabric might offer your organisation, Amplifi can help.

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Why choose Amplifi as your data consultancy?

Amplifi is a leading full-stack data strategy and data management consultancy for Enterprise organizations that want their success to be driven by data. We empower our customers to innovate, grow and succeed by establishing and delivering strategies across all elements of the data value chain. From the governance and management of data through to analytics and automation, our integrated approach to modern data ecosystems delivers measurable results through a combination of expert consultancy and best-in-breed technology.

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