What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence refers, in general, to the practice of developing computer systems which are capable of performing tasks which would normally require human intelligence. This encompasses a range of applications such as computer vision, natural language processing, problem solving and translation. In data management, traditional practices and solutions are often augmented by Artificial Intelligence techniques (including Machine Learning) to deliver aspects that would be time consuming, costly or complex for humans to provide.

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Strategic Consultancy

We work with our clients to understand your business vision and objectives, allowing us to curate a data strategy that compliments your goals. We provide a future state vision with concise requirements and the frameworks to make the right technology selection for you, alongside the organisational change roadmap required for you to become a data driven organisation.

Delivery & Implementation

Amplifi has become the most trusted name globally for the successful delivery of data driven solutions. Our delivery methodology is focused on all the key aspects that make data initiatives successful, focusing on not just the technology implementation but the required change initiative and the supporting quality metrics to ensure long-term, and sustainable success.

Support & Enhance

People see data initiatives as projects, but in fact there is a long term operation that needs to be run and evolve with your changing business. We provide consultancy and support to enhance and troubleshoot your data issues, ensuring the long term success of your initiative.