Guide: 5 benefits of a PIM Solution

Amplifi PIM Benefits Guide Mockup

Product data that tells a single version of the truth.

Whatever product data you manage, PIM is a must... that goes for whether you’re manufacturing, selling or distributing products: having a master source of product data is critical for managing product information within your business.

Successful product information management allows your brand to rely on product data to steer business strategies, optimise customer experiences and give you a seamless master source of data to effectively organise, edit, analyse and export every aspect of product data your business needs.

What's in the guide?

The tips in this guide aim to show you the benefits of a PIM solution and how a business case can be built across departments, covering:

  • Who needs PIM in your business?
  • How does data flow through PIM?
  • 5 ways a PIM solution can benefit your business, through increased revenue, increased productivity, speed to market and more...

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