A DAM fine partnership

Comma and Digizuite form alliance to enable best in breed Digital Asset Management to compliment PIM and MDM initiatives

Comma digizuite 1

Due to the exponential rise in online sales, improving the management of digital product information has never been more important than it is today.

At Comma, we partner with several of the leading Product Information Management (PIM) providers and enable organisations to achieve a single source of truth from their product data.

More and more, we’re hearing companies ask for the same single view of their digital assets such as product photography or owner's manuals. Whilst PIM can manage product imagery, the flexibility of Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables further capability for vital processes such as file support, permissions and organisation of thousands of ever-changing assets. When working in tandem with PIM, DAM offers the sought-after source of truth for a company's digital assets.

That’s why we’ve formed a partnership with Digizuite, the leading DAM solution provider on an enterprise scale.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on delivering data management initiatives that help our customers unlock the power of their data” said Mike Evans, Chief Technology Officer of Comma Group. “Partnering with Digizuite means our customers have access to yet another best of breed technology that can streamline their digital asset data management and, alongside PIM, boost their eCommerce.

Digizuite’s message is clear: to effectively manage your product information at scale you need to deliver it alongside high-quality, easily accessible content.

“Comma and Digizuite share a common goal: to enable organisations to stay ahead of the eCommerce curve and deliver outstanding customer experiences at scale whilst retaining efficiency and control over their product information” said Peter Toft, Vice President Global Partnerships & Alliances at Digizuite. “By combining Comma’s expertise in product data management with our cutting-edge DAM technology, our clients will be able to do just that.”

To find out more about our partnership and how PIM and DAM can boost your eCommerce, contact us today to set up a one-to-one consultation.