Amplifi and Comma announce international partnership with Redpoint Global

As customers’ expectations for hyper-personalized experiences grow higher every day, combining high quality customer data with leading Customer Data Platform technology is a must

The Amplifi group is delighted to announce its first truly global partnership following our alliance with Redpoint Global, bringing combined expertise and experience around customer data to enterprises in North America via Amplifi and across EMEA via Comma.

At Comma, we’ve always built alliances with technology solution providers that enable our customers to derive tangible value from their data. When it comes to customer data, an essential foundation is well-managed master data records that are available throughout the enterprise.

Throughout time, we’ve seen companies exert time, money and effort into building bespoke applications in order to use that customer data for valuable marketing processes such as behaviour analysis, segmentation and personalisation.

As these processes have become more driven by sales and marketing teams, there has been a rise in Customer Data Platforms (CDP) that enable those users to truly understand their customers by creating a single view of the customer. That’s why, with our focus on technology that drives value, we have chosen to build an alliance with Redpoint Global who provide the market leading CDP for enterprise customer data, rgOne™.

“Our rgOne™ platform enables companies to create multichannel journeys and campaigns that are designed to engage customers consistently on their chosen channel, even as their preferences, interests and needs evolve,” said Mike Ferguson, VP EMEA at Redpoint Global. “Our partnership with Comma and the wider Amplifi group brings together experienced data management consultants the industry’s most comprehensive Customer Data Platform in order to create those engaging, meaningful journeys for their customers.”

“This partnership enables us to provide customers with an additional layer of value on top of pure data management.” said Mike Evans, CTO at Comma Group. “With the intelligent machine learning and modelling that rgOne™ brings, enterprises will be able to truly know their customers, so that they can segment and profile them to provide experiences and touch points that are truly tailored to them.”

To find out more about the combined value that Comma and Redpoint Global brings, please visit our partner page here or contact us today.