Are European organisations lagging behind in digital transformations?

A Financial Times article review by Remco Swart

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Are European organisations lagging behind in digital transformations? Whereas Europe started to adopt digital platforms such as Amazon, in Asia local variants of such platforms are offered and grow rapidly (e.g., Alibaba) contributing to the high digital adoption and transformation rate in Asia.

Interesting to read that seemingly European nordic countries incl. the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Ireland are the European front runners on the digital front. Are just the wealth and/or the tax climate the determinants (i.e., favourable business climate for technology companies), or is there another (cultural) catalyst? Nonetheless, the technology adoption in these countries have a significant contribution to the countries' GDP, proving the financial benefits of digital transformations.

Data should be a major part of any digital transformation programme (how do you add/replace a channel with the same consistent message?). So we can expect a growth in the MDM/PIM market the coming years in Europe

- Remco Swart, Consultant for Comma

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