Asking our employees… ‘How flexible are we?’

At Amplifi, we know that 'one size fits no one' when it comes to working styles, locations, hours, etc. That's why we want to make sure our team has flexibility they need to have the best work-life balance possible!

Flexibility and remote working is a hot topic across loads of industries, and what that means to people might differ from business to business. From our perspective, it means giving your employees the ability to have the best work-life balance you can offer to them as an employer!

At Amplifi, we know that our people are the most valuable asset of our business. We have always worked (and continue!) to create a culture for them that feels truly flexible… but we know they’re the only ones who can tell you how it really is. So, we asked!

Each quarter, our People & Culture team send round an anonymous employee survey, to gather the thoughts, feelings and suggestions for improvement on different topics. This quarter, it was all about Flexibility, and we had our highest ever employee response rate of 83%. Firstly, we asked how much they agreed with the statement:

“Amplifi offers truly flexible working”

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96% of our team agreed.

78% strongly agreed.

We know that 'one size fits no one' when it comes to working styles, locations, hours... the list goes on! Our People & Culture team work continuously to create a flexible and accommodating environment that puts our people at the heart of our business, at the same time as allowing them to have their own unique 'work-life' balance. We know that actions definitely speak louder than words when it comes to flexibility, so here are a few of our key policies that help our team feel that they can truly work flexibly:

💻 Fully Flexible Remote Working

Starting with the every-day aspect of flexible working. Our people can work remotely, for however many days of the week they like. Or they can come into the office, once, twice or five times a week… the flexibility is truly their choice. No office days are mandated for all our employees, and we understand that people work best in different places.

🩺 Appointments without taking holiday

If our team need to book a personal health appointment which can only be within working hours (e.g., Doctors, Dentist, Hospital, Eye Test, Personal Health etc.) - this is completely fine, and we are of course understanding about these appointments, and our team don't need to use annual leave to attend them!

🌍 Working from Anywhere scheme

Our teams can work anywhere outside of the UK which can be taken in combination with annual leave allowance so Amplifiers are able to have a long stay somewhere abroad if they like! Some of our teams have been on some great trips so far this year, from places like France and Spain, to all the way down under to Australia!

👐 Period Policy

We know that menstruating can impact both physical and mental health, anywhere from relatively and substantially, varying between individuals and cycles. So if any of our team is feeling unwell, they can do what they need to feel better! Whether it's making use of our flexible working hours or going for a walk around the block for a breather or even to take sick leave.

🏢 You can use our offices whenever you like

Alongside remote working, we also understand that some people work best in an office - or would like to mix it up from time to time! That’s why anyone can come into our offices whenever they like - and if the office is too far away, we will pay for a room for the night to make it a worthwhile trip!

🌴 30 Days Holiday + Bank Holidays each year

This annual leave allowance helps people to work flexibly as it gives them the option to take these 30 days as and when they like - we always encourage our people throughout the year to be using up their allowance, and remind employees of the importance of switching off when they do (and the importance of their team not to bug them while they’re off!). We feel this gives a bit of extra hand to truly live their work-life balance!

🦶 Enhanced Maternity, Paternity + Adoption Leave

We have dedicated enhanced maternity, paternity and adoption leave for all our employees! This is something we know is essential to help at a really special, and also challenging, time in our team's lives that is really important to protect - so we have entrenched our enhanced policies for each instance.

Part Time Hours

We know our teams' lives can change, or new starters to our team might not best suit a full time contract - so we’re always happy to have open discussions to see how we can achieve the best of both worlds for our employees!

How can remote working affect our teams?

Although working from anywhere, whether that be abroad, in a coffee shop down the road, or at home, is amazing for flexible working - we know that it is not traditionally how people have maintained relationships with their colleagues - this is one of the concerns you might hear mentioned on LinkedIn regarding remote workers..!

It’s really important that our people are able to feel connected to their immediate teams, but also to the wider company. It might seem like a challenge to achieve this over a mostly-remote working environment, so wanted to check in with our employees on how their flexible working could impact their relationships with their team; we asked our team how much they agreed with the statement:

“When working remotely, I still feel connected to the rest of the team.”

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94% of our team agreed.

So how are our people able to stay connected?

🎧 Technology

Having the technology available to stay connected for 1-1 or group meetings on Teams is an obvious answer! Then there are also many ways that our team uses Slack… whether it be to drop a quick direct message to someone, or having a back and forth discussion in a working group or jumping on a ‘huddle’ voicecall for a quick chat - almost as easy as if you’re across from each others desk.

🤪 FUN Slack

We’ve got plenty of company Slack channels for everyone to be involved in if they like! Into Sport? We’ve got #football, #cricket, #f1, #rugby, #fitness, #tennis, #nfl, #mma and #golf. Need some entertainment? We’ve got #music, #film-club, #gamers, #bad-jokes and #books. Random channels we have are #beer, #holi-yay, #gin-and-phonics, #wordle, #lookalikes and obviously…. #random!

🙌 Creating a great Culture

We put such a huge emphasis on making sure Amplifi is a great place to work. It’s why, through our hiring process, we make sure people are going to fit the culture so they can join the family, have fun and build strong relationships with the people they’re working with - meaning that when they are working remotely, they still feel connected to their team!

🎉 Many many Socials + Charity Events

We know the value of in person interaction with colleagues, and would never limit our team's meetings to be through a webcam! In person socials, whether they be an evening out bowling, a trip to the office's local, or an inflatable obstacle course are a frequent date in the company-wide calendar - these are all fully optional though, no one is ever expected or mandated to attend! We also have a really busy charity calendar throughout the year - in 2022 alone we have raised £9,000 for The Matt Hampson Foundation through events such as Wolf Run, a Eurovision Sweepstake, the National 3 Peaks 24hr Challenge and 13,000ft Skydive!

We also asked…

“What additional flexibility would you like at Amplifi?”

These are some of the responses we had that we LOVED reading! 🥰

  • ‘From my perspective this is the most flexible job I have ever had
  • ‘Could we BE anymore flexible?’
  • ‘I have never worked anywhere as flexible as Amplifi’
  • I can’t think of anything we don’t already have’
  • ‘As far as I’m concerned, Amplifi are the leaders in flexibility
  • ‘Amplifi currently provides all of the flexible working practices I could ask for’

We value flexibility as a key pillar of our People policy, so much so that we have been verified by Flexa as a Flexified place to work, and in 2022 have been named within the top 100 most flexible companies to work for globally!

For the 2% or 4% who were either neutral towards, or disagreed with our questions above - this is something we are keen to address, and we have not shied away to hide these figures! At the end of our survey we took some feedback and suggestions from our team to see what they thought we could do to offer even more flexibility to them - we have taken these responses in our stride and are looking forward to making even more additions to our flexible working policies, and bettering ourselves in this space for all employees!

You can read more about our culture, including our work on Diversity and Inclusion, on our Vacancies page here.