Before and after: Seeing real results with Amplifi’s Couch to Data Fit

How can businesses adapt their plans to reach new goals? And what opportunities will data unlock for your business in the long term?

A great data strategy is like a great fitness plan. You need to identify your objective, get in the right mindset and then most importantly, stick it out for the long-haul. But what happens if your data objectives change?

In our brand new guide, Couch to Data Fit, we’ve talked about the main steps required to get your business in shape, including:

  • Identify the goal of your data plan: What is your business’s commercial data goal?
  • Get in the right mindset: Defining high level scope, agreeing the information you need, and outlining what critical data looks like.
  • Start strong: Validate, document and prioritise your data rules – what steps do you need to implement your new data plan?
  • Keep it up: Start profiling your data, implement data quality rules, build data quality reports and review your results.
  • Look to the future: You’ve defined what good quality data is now – but what will it look like in the future?
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That last step really ties in with what we want to talk about this time, and that is:

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What’s next for your data fitness?

After all, data doesn’t just stand still. It changes constantly, which is why your data fitness plan needs to evolve with it. Maybe you’ve changed your business objective, or maybe your existing data solution isn’t enough. Or maybe (most excitingly) you want to unlock new opportunities with your data that will take your business to the next level.

What opportunities can data open for you in the long term?

You could create an entirely new data analytics tool. You could wish to put customer data at the heart of your marketing campaigns, helping you target the right people, in the right way at the right time. Or you could use data in exciting ways, such as implementing reactive chatbots on your website or personalised marketing offers for your customers.

There’s a world of data opportunities out there. And with Amplifi as your data fitness guru, you can achieve the one that’s right for your business.

How can you adapt your plan to reach new goals? 

Even if you’ve already had a successful data project, you can’t do it based on guesswork. If a professional tennis player wants to become a professional swimmer, they can’t just assume they’ll pick it up straightaway because they are an athlete. They first need to assess what their goals are and the best strategy to learn that discipline – otherwise, they might end up flailing (literally).

Similarly, when implementing a new data strategy, you can’t just rush into it. You need to go back to the starting point and assess what you are now trying to achieve with your data. Only then can you define your data quality rules, the solution you need to use, and the strategy you need to meet your new data goals.

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Amplifi can help with that. We don’t just implement data governance and data quality strategies for our clients. We assess what’s working and what isn’t, offering support and enhancement services throughout the entire data journey to ensure that customers see the best possible results – whether they are using data to implement new marketing schemes, improving sales or simply get a better picture of their customers.

If you want to adapt your data strategy, implement a new data solution or get more out of your existing solution, we can help you get the most out of your data.

Ready to get data fit?

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