Buzzword Bingo #2: Big Data

It's on everyone's lips. Sam Goss, CMO, discusses.

What is Big Data?

Why is everyone talking Big Data? And is it a Big Deal? Our CMO Sam Goss takes a look at everyone's favourite boardroom buzzword...

Big Data. It's on everyone's lips. Some throw it around boardrooms as the next big thing. Others drop it into coffee machine conversations to remind colleagues they've got it covered. But have they? Is Big Data a Big Deal?

It's been around a while, but it's still a buzzword that most people don't fully understand. Big Data typically describes a collection of different technologies, used to manage a wide variety, high volume and fast-moving mass of information produced in today's ever-changing business world.

It sounds straightforward enough. But because the type and shape of these technologies vary, it can be confusing. Big Data differs, depending on who you talk to. And anyway, the concept isn't much use by itself. Big Data is really just information, sliced and diced however someone sees fit. Its value to your business is determined by the way you manage it.

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