Buzzword Bingo #3: Disruptive Data

Best thing since sliced bread? Don't get carried away...

Does your business suffer from disruptive data?

The best thing since sliced bread? Don’t get carried away – data may be a disruptor, but it’s only an enabler.

How many businesses have you heard described as ‘disruptive’? From finance companies to dog-food businesses, it seems that right now, any business to do something remotely interesting with data or tech is instantly labelled as an industry disruptor. 

When Airbnb launched onto the holiday lettings scene, they shook things up. The industry knew that once customers cottoned on to Airbnb’s unique service, things would never be the same again. It was a bold move into digital, and it created a new kind of competition. It was, in a word, disruptive – it shifted the status quo and created a real challenge.

But the more that challenge is accepted by competitors, the less disruptive it becomes. At what point does disruptive behaviour just become fulfilling customer expectations – and when are businesses going to recognise this? 

Comma CMO, Sam Goss, discusses whether your business is being "disruptive", or just giving the people the experience they expect?

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