Comma Talks: Founders Review of 2020

Join our founders Leigh Wells (CEO), Sam Goss (COO) and Mike Evans (CTO) as they review 2020, the lessons learned and how we're approaching 2021...

"I don't think anywhere in the country is ready for the next Comma social..."

On 22nd December 2020, Elliott Clarkson from our Marketing team sat down with the Comma founders to review the year that was 2020.

In this video Leigh Wells (CEO), Sam Goss (COO) and Mike Evans (CTO) discuss the uncertainty Comma faced in March, what decisions were made and how the business adapted to have one of our best ever years.

They also discuss the lack of the famous (infamous!?) Comma socials and what we did to replace them.

How does mixing cocktails and Master Data Management match up?

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