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Data Therapy - Time to think differently about data

Today’s CIO is every inch a business strategist. No longer neglected, hidden in the back room running the IT department, but front and centre with the rest of the C-Suite, setting agendas and enabling the digital enterprise.

It's a status hard earned and well deserved. But like most prominent positions, it carries significant challenges. The CIO must squeeze every last breath of value from every IT asset their organization has invested in. Undoubtedly, the most valuable of these assets is data.

However, the sheer pace of data growth is bewildering many CIOs as they battle to manage surging volumes of information in a way which delivers competitive advantage.

There lies the CIO dilemma. They have the key to unprecedented insight, to deliver better customer understanding, greater cost savings, slicker operations, faster services... but aren't always able to unlock the door.

The tools are there - like Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning. But without the right skill set or infrastructure in place, it's difficult to use them.

Is it time to think differently about your data? Our American MD certainly thinks so...

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