From road car to track day: getting what you need from your MDM and PIM platform

It's a bit like putting a roll cage, 17” alloys and a triple exhaust on your car to get it round a track faster... you'll need a specialist to help service, maintain and upgrade it.

You’ve bought yourself a nice, normal car. Perfect for the commute, school run, trips to Ikea...but you don’t want a nice, normal car. You want to take it on the track at weekends. So, you make some modifications until your nice, normal car is track-ready.

It’s the car that you need; however, it’s not the car that you bought. If you encounter any problems with the vehicle, you’re not going to be able to drive your track-ready car back to the dealer and ask for a quick service.

It will need a specialist: a mechanic that knows what you need the car to achieve, understands the changes you’ve made and can suggest further improvements to make your vehicle faster, better and stronger.

And yes, you guessed it – the same goes for MDM and PIM.

Car hex lego crrop

Off-the-shelf data management systems can be perfect for some businesses, but if you have a very specific data goal that you want to achieve, the likelihood is you’ll need to make some adjustments to your platform to get there. Once those adjustments are made, it can make it more difficult to get support direct from the vendor, or to find a partner that offers the tailored maintenance services you need.

To keep a ‘bespoke’ MDM or PIM system running as it should, you’ll need specialist help to service, maintain and upgrade it.

At Amplifi, we offer enhanced support for MDM/PIM platforms, enabling our clients to get exactly what they need from their data management systems, even as their data objectives change over time.

As well as day to day maintenance and problem-solving, our retained PIM/MDM consultancy services help Amplifi clients to continue to develop and upgrade their data management as their data goals evolve, for long-lasting business results (and a much better return on investment).

Our three-line enhanced support solution works with new and existing implementations of data management, both developing and maintaining custom data management solutions.

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To find out more about Amplifi’s service and support offering, take a look at our support guide below or get in touch with one of our experts!

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