Guide: 3 tips for approaching analyst research

Amplifi Vendor Selection Guide Mockup 1

No analyst research is created equal.

Industry research tools can often seem like a ‘cheat sheet’ to speed up the data management vendor selection process. But it’s not quite that simple - with any of these tools and guides, you have to understand what they are telling you before you use them to make any decision.

What's in the guide?

Mike Evans, Chief Technology Officer at Amplifi, talks us through data management platform selection: from understanding industry research like the Gartner Magic Quadrant™, to getting expert help and making sure you’re prepared at every stage of the process. Including:

  • Approaching different size vendors
  • How to consider more than just 'first glance'
  • How to compare the various resources available
  • How best to use these in your decision making
  • Where to start..!

So, when you’re ready to invest in a data management solution, how do you get the most out of the latest reports? Read Mike’s 3 Top Tips on approaching analyst research in his guide…