Guide: Accelerating Transformation in Manufacturing with Data Virtualization

Amplifi Denodo Manufacturing Guide Mockup 2

Transformation in manufacturing demands both speed and endurance - a sprint to capture quick victories and a marathon to forge lasting success.

To be a data-driven organisation, it's not just about having heaps of data; it’s about accessing, processing, and leveraging it effectively. Enter data virtualization.

What's in the guide?

In this guide, created in conjunction with Denodo, we delve into the art of balancing the marathon and sprint paces, demonstrating how data virtualization swiftly propels transformation forward while securing your stride for the long run ahead. We cover:

  • How data can drive transformation
  • The undeniable impact of data in modern manufacturing
  • Practical uses of data for quality, efficiency, and innovation
  • The magic of data virtualization for seamless data accessibility
  • Success stories from industry leaders like Toyota-Astra and Prologis

Download the guide to the right, or get in touch with one of our Data Virtualization experts.