Guide: Data for Good

Amplifi Data For Good Guide Mockup

Can data be a force for good?

With the right data, you gain a deeper understanding of your organisation – your operations, your partners, your assets, your finances and your suppliers.

The more informed you are, the better you can serve the people connected to your organisation, whether they’re tenants, citizens, donors, patients, volunteers or beneficiaries.

What's in the guide?

In this guide, we look at how effective data management can enhance your organisation’s social impact, and in turn make your data a force for good. We cover:

  • Understanding data’s role in your organisations’ social responsibility
  • The benefits of having good data management in your non-profit organisation
  • How to improve your services and deliver better customer experiences with data
  • How to define 'good' data in your organisation
  • How to make your data a force for good

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