Guide: Data Strategy with Amplifi

Amplifi Data Strategy Methodology Guide Mockup

Data Strategy with Amplifi is a tried, tested and successful methodology for any organisation.

“When it comes to data strategy, one size certainly does not fit all...", we know every organisation’s data needs and objectives are as unique as a fingerprint. That’s the beauty of data strategy - it’s personal to your business objectives, adapting and evolving to suit exactly what your organisation wants to achieve.

What's in the guide?

This guide explains our full methodology and process of Amplifi Data Strategy engagements. Our SVP Strategy & Consulting, Stuart Squires narrates this guide, running through the steps of the methodology and breaking out in different segments to assess a pair of real life Amplifi client engagements at each stage. We cover:

  • How to assess your unique data capabilities
  • Our methodology stages: Initate > Perspective > Position > Plan & Activate
  • An example Executive Strategy map
  • 2x thorough Amplifi Case Studies of Strategy Client Engagements

Download the guide using the form on the right, learn more about our Free Data Capability Assessment or feel free to get in touch for a chat about your organisation's data strategy needs.