Guide: Deliver Your Brand Direct to Your Customers

Amplifi Semarch CPG Guide Mockup v2

A CPG guide to Customer Data

How well do you know your customers? The rise in e-commerce is an open door for CPG brands to reach out to their customers directly, cutting out the middleman and selling directly to the people that want or need your products.

By opening that door, you gain direct access to valuable customer data, and all of the opportunities it brings: insight, engagement, personalisation, tailored product development, brand loyalty...the list goes on.

What's in the guide?

In this guide, created in partnership with Semarchy, we look at how CPG brands can grasp the new opportunity with data that comes from going direct-to-consumer, including:

  • The benefits of going direct-to-consumer
  • How to manage, process and utilise the customer data at your disposal from DTC
  • Giving value back to your customers with data-driven personalisation
  • An interview with James Payne, Director of Sales at Semarchy, who shares his insight into making DTC a lucrative opportunity for CPG
  • Fix your foundations through data quality, data governance and technology selection