Guide: ESG Unchained - A guide to finding your ESG hotspots

Amplifi ESG Guide Mockup

ESG should be a force for good for the planet, society and your business.

As global governments, investors and consumers increase their focus on environmental, social and governance issues, you need to know exactly what your credentials are – and how to find data hotspots in your organisation that could contain critical ESG information.

What's in the guide?

In this guide, we give an overview of ESG – what it is and why it matters – and show you how effective data management will unlock data to reveal must-have information on environmental, social and governance related practices in your organisation. We'll cover:

  • The evolution of ESG and why it matters
  • What's data got to do with ESG?
  • How to understand and identify your ESG data
  • Taking an data-first approach to ESG reporting
  • An interview with Matthew Cawsey, Product Marketing Lead at Stibo Systems, on 'How can effective Master Data Management improve your ESG reporting?'

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