Case Study | How Nobia approached the importance of people and process in MDM

Uncover how Nobia improved their data management with Amplifi's expertise in Stibo Systems' STEP platform. It highlights the collaborative triumphs in enhancing team dynamics, mastering data governance, and embracing strategic agility.

Nobia, a renowned Swedish corporation, is the owner of numerous kitchen-related companies across Europe. Established in 1996, it has grown to become one of Europe's largest kitchen furniture manufacturers.

Recently in a webinar held with Nobia, we talked through our engagement and how Nobia understood the importance of people and processes within their MDM journey.

Nobia recognised the need to strengthen their master data management. They invested in Stibo Systems’ STEP platform to enhance their system integration, facing challenges due to the complex, 'living' nature of their products and existing multiple data structures.

Despite investing in STEP, they hadn’t identified the best way to implement the platform to match their goals, expectations and requirements. Acknowledging this, Nobia embarked on a long-term strategy to effectively utilise STEP. Tobias Nilson, then Director Data & Analytics at Nobia and a key figure in this transition, likened STEP to a 'great car' that had been left in the garage waiting to be driven, setting a course for a comprehensive, multi-year strategy to optimise its use.

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Amplifi was brought in to provide essential coaching and support, especially in mastering the STEP tool. As a Premier Partner of Stibo Systems, with over 40 joint implementations and a dedicated global STEP practice, Amplifi was perfectly placed to deliver actionable STEP enhancement strategies. Amplifi’s role expanded to include remote work and training, which was particularly crucial as Nobia navigated the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing them to adopt innovative training approaches.

The importance of people and processes

Across 5 years, Amplifi and Nobia worked in partnership to deliver the strategy set out to develop a competent and self-sufficient MDM team getting real value from Stibo Systems’ STEP platform. This involved a targeted recruitment and training process, seeking individuals with both the right attitude, and foundational skills. Building a culture of self-sufficiency doesn't work for every company, but it worked for Nobia and the result is a well-managed, innovative data team that delivers business value. Amplifi are still always on hand for Nobia to train staff, evaluate ideas or sound-board platform development with.

Focus on data and digital transformation

Nobia's approach to data management and digital transformation involved recognising the complexity and time required to master STEP. They adopted an agile approach to manage deliverables, which included giving individual team members ownership of specific tasks. By taking a structured Agile approach they were not only able to adapt to their moving goals but to efficiently assign the more challenging tasks to the Amplifi experts. This approach was instrumental in overcoming initial challenges of remote working and in effectively training new, junior team members.

Why did Nobia partner with Amplifi?

The collaboration between Nobia and Amplifi yielded several significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Team Integration: The integration of Amplifi consultants into Nobia’s team fostered a collaborative environment, enhancing skill sharing and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Improved Master Data Management: Amplifi's expertise in data governance and master data management provided Nobia with the necessary tools and knowledge to streamline and optimise their data processes.
  • Strategic Agility: The partnership enabled Nobia to adopt a more agile approach, adapting quickly to changing needs and ensuring continuous development in their master data management journey.
  • Capacity Building: The focus on training and upskilling Nobia’s internal team ensured long-term self-sufficiency in data management, reducing reliance on external consultants.
  • Tailored Solutions and Knowledge Transfer: Amplifi's customised support and hands-on training approach allowed Nobia to build internal expertise, ensuring sustainable and scalable data management practices.

Through these structured efforts, Nobia aimed to build a robust, agile, and efficient approach to data management, crucial for their continued growth and adaptation in the dynamic industry of kitchen products.

Amplifi’s long standing, strategic relationship with Stibo Systems is deep-rooted in a mutual ambition for companies to get true value from their data. Today, we have one of the largest Stibo Systems delivery capabilities globally, with over 40 combined customers and our consulting team having been involved with over 150 Stibo Systems implementations.

Named Stibo Systems Delivery Partner of the Year 2023, Amplifi are the best choice to implement, enhance and support Stibo Systems leading MDM technology. If you are looking to implement Stibo Systems technology or get the most value out of your existing implementation, Amplifi can help.

Read more about our partnership with Stibo Systems in our guide below, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements with one of our experts.

Guide: Taking the next STEP with Stibo Systems

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