Guide: How well do you know your products?

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A good product can define a brand, but to what extent are brands able to define their products?

Are they able to say, for example, where the product was made? What it’s made of? Who’s making it? And is it worth the price at current market conditions?

Without the answer to these questions, brands are at a disadvantage. Businesses that can effectively track and evidence their products can reduce costs, improve consistency and deliver a better customer experience.

What's in the guide?

In our guide, we will take a deep dive into just how PIM can help resolve major challenges in product data, including:

  • The importance of knowing your products journey through Rules of Origin
  • Why a transparent supply chain is essential to sustainability-conscious consumers
  • An in-depth interview with Johan Boström, Chief Product Officer of inriver, where he discusses the reasons both businesses and their customers benefit from better product data management

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