MDM, Amplified: Become the master of your data

MDM selection is all about finding the right technology to help you achieve your data vision.

Why is it called master data anyway?

It’s because it’s the leading factor in your business decision-making. A business with a good data management strategy will outperform less data-savvy competitors every. Single. Time.

Master Data Management is all about choosing the right product/solution that will help you achieve your shared data vision – whether that’s providing better customer information, increasing efficiency, or embarking on a new digital initiative.

As Amplifi, our MDM services are going to be better than ever before (and they were already pretty darn good to begin with).

We’ll have access to a wider range of MDM vendors and solutions. Even better, we’ll have more resources on hand and the support you need to help you achieve and surpass your data objectives.

In other words: it’s MDM, amplified.

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Why do you need master data management?

The more your business grows, the more data you have and the more it spreads out across your organisation.

It’s a bit like a city – the more it expands, the more it splits off into separate boroughs, the less people know about each other, and the more fragmented communities become.

When data is siloed off into different sectors, it makes it so much harder for them to manage and use that data. That’s where master data management comes in. With MDM you create a single source of truth with your data, making it accessible to the right people at the right time.

Once you’ve eliminated data silos and a have that single source of truth, that’s when you can start using data to make business decisions that will:

  • Improve customer or product information
  • Improve decision-making
  • Fuel better outcomes for AI, Machine Learning and Automation initiatives
  • Easily comply with regulations
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How does MDM work in practice?

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how MDM has been used to amplify a business.

Business 1: A leading pub and hospitality chain was looking to reduce manual data entry across its business.

Business 1, Amplified: We developed and implemented a STEP system to increase data accuracy, reduce manual entry, reducing headcount and costs and more accurate reporting.

Business 2: A food retail and wholesale company was looking to rapidly increase the number of products they sell – but how could they keep on top of the data?

Business 2, Amplified: We wrote a bespoke request outlining the businesses requirements, allowing vendors to suggest the right MDM solution for their needs.

Amplifi take you through every step of the MDM journey. What are these steps, you ask? We’ve gone through them below.

Ramping up your data quality

You could have the perfect MDM technology to suit your needs – but if you are filling it up with dud data, you won’t get anywhere. We’ll work with you to establish data quality and data governance frameworks that will improve your data quality.

Choosing your MDM

We know data – but we also know people, and we’re good at being a sounding board for all your data concerns, issues and ultimately your objectives. We’ll identify what you need from your MDM software and find one that aligns with your business goals.

Implementing MDM

Our implementation team will fully integrate your MDM into existing technologies, transfer data reliably, test usability and efficacy and answer any questions you have.

Taking your MDM to the next level

Data doesn’t stand still, and neither does your business. Your priorities shift, and you may need new MDM technologies to support them.

Amplifi answers all the questions you could have about an MDM system. Is this going to be the right framework for you? Will it achieve your data vision? Or will it lead you in the wrong direction?

Long story short: We’ll help you become the master of your data. To find out how, download our guide Understanding the building blocks of MDM, give us a call on +44 1926 911820 or get in touch today.

Download our guide: Understanding the Building Blocks of MDM

Before you get started on a full-blown MDM implementation, you need to find out where you are on your MDM journey, and discover what steps you need to take before hitting 'play'. This guide will talk you through:

  • How to collect high quality data
  • How to win MDM buy-in from every part of the business
  • How to scale up, from starting small and proving results
  • Picking your Player 2... implement your MDM solution
  • How best to complete your RFP
  • Implementing (and evolving) Data Management
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