Report: The Real Voice of Data - Data Leaders Report 2022

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The aim of this report is to cut through all the noise of the industry and amplify the voices of those who are front and centre in some globally leading businesses.

There is only so much you can learn from technology companies, research analysts, data experts and consultancies; at times these voices create what feels like an echo-chamber in the Data Industry... that's where the Data Leaders come in.

What's in the report?

In partnership with the Data Collective, we conducted an anonymous survey that was distributed to senior data leaders, to gain their invaluable viewpoint on some key questions, including:

  • Does your company fully understand the value of Data?
  • What are your top three data challenges?
  • Does your company have a clearly defined Data Strategy?
  • Does your company understand the role of a CDO?
  • How would you rate overall Data Quality at your company?

This report is essential in creating accurate insight from the people at the helm of a company’s day-to-day data management, to answer questions that allow us to recognise the true impact of data management and the key issues that real businesses are facing.

To find out how Senior Data Leaders feel about these topics, download the report using the form. If you'd like to discuss any aspect of Data Management with one of our experts, get in touch!