The Butterfly Effect

What does this have to do with data – or with us? Leigh Wells, CEO and Founder, explains

Leigh Wells, CEO and Founder of Comma discusses the implications of this within the data industry, and how it directly links to Comma's origin...

Comma: The Butterfly effect

Does a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas? Edward Lorenz, Mathematician, Meteorologist and pioneer of chaos theory, asked this question in a lecture in 1972. The butterfly effect, as it is now known, refers to those small, seemingly inconsequential actions that can actually have huge implications further down the line.

What does this have to do with data – or with us?

When we launched Comma Group, one of our first clients had a problem. The company wasn’t known as Comma Group back then: it was only the four founders, working as consultants to help a select number of businesses to implement MDM strategies. This particular client was a pub chain, with 1700 premises across the UK.

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