The Full Stop on Comma

Sam Goss, President at Amplifi Europe and co-founder of Comma, explains why we are now known as Amplifi

It's the end of an era.

From 1st March 2022, we’re putting a full stop on Comma and starting a new chapter of our story as we officially change our name to Amplifi.

We’ve known this day would come. Not just since we were acquired by Amplifi in 2021, but since we started Comma back in 2016. From the start, our goal was always to be better, to be bigger, to reach a wider audience, to make a real difference with data in as many organisations as possible.

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As Comma, we got pretty far with that goal.

We grew fast, as word of mouth spread that here was a data consultancy who did things differently, who really took the time to understand their business, their data and their teams, connecting people and data to deliver data solutions that worked for them.

We recruited the right people; people who see things differently, who are fun to work with, who will always go that bit further to get results.

We’ve worked with amazing, high calibre businesses, to bring fresh data ideas and projects to life. In fact, some of our earliest clients are still with us today, as we constantly reinvent what’s possible with data to drive their business forward.

We hit the right thing, at the right time, helping businesses to manage data at a crucial moment in the tipping point towards digitisation, and staying at the forefront of the best technologies and processes that will get them to their goals.

And we built a brand that got rid of the buzzwords and jargon to tell it like is: helping businesses to really understand how a data culture can benefit everyone in their organisation.

Are we sad to see the Comma brand go?

Of course.

Anyone who knows us or has worked with us has seen just how much time, energy and investment we’ve put into building it, and how much we genuinely care about our clients and our company. But this isn’t the end for Comma. For me, Comma has always been about the people behind the logo and the name. We’re still the same team with the same values, and the same goals. Only now, we can do so much more. Think of it as Comma but…bigger. Better. Louder. Amplified.

We knew Amplifi were the perfect match. We have all the same goals and ideals when it comes to delivering data solutions. We share the same unique perspective, and care just as much about delivering the right result every time, for every client. What appealed to us was how much synergy we had in terms of how we both wanted to be perceived in our market, and the lengths we would go to make it happen.

It’s a bittersweet day for us, but ultimately, we’re excited to make the change, take the next step, and get started as Amplifi.

This might be the full stop on Comma, but it’s not the last chapter – it’s a whole new book.

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About the author

Sam Goss is President of Amplifi Europe.

He is a co-founder of Comma alongside Leigh Wells, Chief Growth Officer, and Mike Evans, Chief Technology Officer (Europe) and is responsible for Amplifi's operations in the UK, Ireland and Europe.