Three stumbling blocks to avoid in your MDM journey

Even with the best MDM solution, there are barriers to success are only overcome with the right strategy

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It’s widely accepted that Master Data Management (MDM) technology is an essential part of any effective Digital Transformation strategy. Such software solutions act as the enabler, however it’s critical not to overlook other vitally important elements of a transformation process.

Even with the best MDM technology solution, there are barriers to success that can only be overcome with the right strategy in place. Here are three common stumbling blocks experienced in data management programmes that are stopping true transformation from happening:

Realising change management

The implementation of software is part of the solution but not in its entirety. The true benefit of a new solution is embracing the positive changes it can bring to business processes. The business impact and change that comes with a new data management system has a direct effect on peoples working day and activities. Time and attention are required to help realise this change, adjust accordingly and benefit from a new way of working. 

Never too early to think about data

If you’ve got poor quality data on your hands, it doesn’t matter how good your process or software is, the outcome will be poor. Data underpins the entire MDM journey so if this is overlooked, the entire project lacks value.

The evolutionary process of MDM

A common problem is seeing that once the software has been implemented and the data has been cleaned, it becomes neglected. Maximum value is derived from data initiatives when it isn’t treated as a one-off exercise. The impact of MDM should be constantly assessed, and its capabilities continually refined to address the needs of the business.


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